Whether it’s just the two of you or hundreds of your closest friends, Cozumel Wedding Planner can cater to the wedding of your dreams. From menus to music, we will help you find the perfect match for your wedding in Paradise.


You set the tone for your destination wedding … follow tradition or make your own, a simple ceremony or an extravagant one … it’s your call. Marrying In Mexico, you may also choose your ceremony: civil, religious/symbolic, or both. Your dream wedding is designed by you.

Civil Ceremony

In order for your ceremony to be legally binding internationally, a Judge is required to preside over your civil ceremony and would need legal documents in his office prior to your wedding. With Cozumel Wedding Planner, you can relax, knowing that we will act as your representative and make sure that the proper documents are to the Judge in the required amount of time. Please note that legally binding Same Sex marriages are now offered in Cozumel!

Same Sex Civil Ceremony

If you are a same sex couple and would like a legally binding civil ceremony, we are happy to help you realize your dream on our beautiful island! Please see all documents needed below.

Interdenominational Religious Ceremony

In Mexico, Church and State are separate. If you would like a religious ceremony with blessings and traditional vow exchanges, then you would choose an Interdenominational Minister to preside over your ceremony. Please note, this is not a legally recognized ceremony, so you would need to take care of the legal paperwork prior to the ceremony in your country or supplement this ceremony with our Judge.

Catholic Church Ceremony

You may choose to have a ceremony in a Catholic church with a priest. You will be asked to take all pre-cana courses at your local Church, which will then be approved, and the ceremony performed, by a local priest on the island. This wedding is not legally recognized and will need to be supplemented with a legal ceremony in your country or in Mexico with our Judge.

Vow Renewal

A ceremony to renew your marriage vows is also possible with our Interdenominational Minister. This is a beautiful way to renew the commitment you made to each other.

Mystical Mayan Ceremony

Cozumel is rich with Mayan history. You can choose a mystical wedding ceremony that incorporates the Earth’s four main elements and involves ancient rituals of various Mayan cultures.

Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony, performed by a CWP staff member, is a symbolic celebration that is neither legally binding, nor religiously affiliated.


Listed below are the required documents needed to get married with our Civil Judge here in Cozumel, Mexico. In step 4 of the “Sensational Wedding in Six Simple Steps” guide, we will ask that you send these documents to us no later than 3 weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure a stress-free wedding.

  • Valid Passports for bride and groom
  • Blood tests taken here in Cozumel (if you would like to take them in your own Country, they will need to be certified with a Doctor here in Mexico at a charge) Tests: Blood Type and RPR. Tests need to be taken within 15 days before the wedding date.
  • Four witnesses over the age of 18 with valid passports
  • In case of a previous divorce, please ask us about the proper documentation.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions about Legal Documents section for more information about getting married legally here in Cozumel, Mexico.


We know that you must have a lot of questions about having a Civil ceremony in Mexico, and so did many couples before you. Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

Yes, A Civil wedding with our Judge is recognized internationally. However, before coming to Mexico, check with your country and state or province on how to register your Mexican wedding. Each state and county has different requirements, and it is your responsibility to verify what you need to register your license in your country. You will receive your marriage license in Spanish, but we can have it translated for you at a charge.

Please note, if the business day falls on a holiday, then you would need to arrive a day earlier. By hiring Cozumel Wedding Planner, you can relax knowing that we act as your agent to get the documents to the judge in the required amount of time. For this reason, we require that you send your documents to us no later than three weeks prior to the wedding.

Yes! We are experts in cruise ship weddings, and we will give you step by step instructions on how to get married when arriving via cruise ship.

No problem! We can supply the four witnesses for you at a small charge.

Yes. Your witnesses (two on the side of the bride and two on the side of the groom) will need to be standing up with you. We suggest selecting people from your wedding party.

The judge, by law, will read the ceremony in Spanish and we will be right by his side translating into English.

In a commitment or religious-only ceremony, you may present your own vows. In a civil ceremony, the Judge will give you a chance to say something to each other during the exchange of rings. However, please remember that here in Mexico, church and state are separate, so no religious blessings or connotations please.

YES! We are happy to announce that the Island of Cozumel now offers legally binding weddings for Same Sex Couples.